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ADVISORY dtd. 3rd July 2017

This Embassy has been receiving complaints about some Indian exports being cheated by some individuals pretending themselves to be perspective importers of various products.  Therefore, it is strongly advised that the Indian exporters should verify and ascertain the authenticity of the importer before finalizing any deal. Some individuals/companies have been issuing fake entry visas for Mali and asking the Indian supplier/exporters to remit huge amounts to their bank accounts.  Please do NOT send any amount to their bank accounts before ascertaining their authenticity.

In order to verify their authenticity, one should ask them for the following documents and speak to them on their landline telephone numbers: 

1- Company Registration Number (NINA) of Importer

2- Company Tax Registration Number (NIF) of Importer

3- Complete address including contacts numbers, email ids, website of the Importer and the all the individuals acting on its behalf.

4.  Passport of the owner/proprietor of the company willing to import;

5.  Bank A/c details of the importer.


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